The Maria 23, named after Maria Sharapova, is the perfect racquet for girls between 6 and 8 years who want to get a very first feel for the sport. It comes with the unique Damp+ insert, which isolates the impact for less vibration. With its mystifying unicorned-themed design including pink stars on the blue grip, the racquet is perfect for small rebels who are looking forward to the very first training session.



Weight (unstrung): 215 g / 7.6 oz
String pattern: 16/18
Head size: 630 cm² / 98 in²
Grip size: 000, 0000
Balance: 280 mm / 0.5 in HL
Length: 585 mm / 23 in
Beam: 20 mm
Age: 6 - 8

Maria 23

Grip Size
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