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Explore our network of partners, including local tennis clubs and associations, who choose JorDan Sports as their trusted provider of top-quality equipment and much more.

Our commitment extends beyond being a supplier; we are dedicated partners in the success of tennis clubs and organizations. JorDan Sports ensures that our partners have access to premium tennis equipment, tailored to enhance the experiences of players and enthusiasts alike.

If you represent a tennis club or a larger tennis organization, consider JorDan Sports as your go-to equipment provider. Join us in creating a winning formula where excellence meets collaboration. Elevate your tennis community with the latest gear and a partnership that values quality, reliability, and shared success. Choose JorDan Sports – where every partnership is a step towards a thriving and well-equipped tennis environment.

Take a look at some of the clubs and associations who have already opted to work with us:


Want to get involved, or simply have a chat about what we could do for you? Let us know:

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